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Make awesome banners for parties

Now you really donít have to run behind the professionals to get your banner done. Obviously it burns your pocket and raises your overall expenditure.

Utilize your creativity and make an affordable party banner to impress your guests!

Stuffs are always fun to make. Your hard work will be appreciated by all.

Letís start making the beautiful party banners

You would need a paper grocery sack, ribbon, a book, glue, pen and a triangle template.

Your first step is to take the grocery sack and cut it into big triangle shape. For example, if itís a Halloween party, just check the number of letters in the word Halloween. Cut out that number of sacks accordingly.

Use a book that has a little thick cover. Take out a sheet cut out a triangle using the triangle template.

Take a ruler and mark the borders and the tips properly in order to write the letters. All the letters should be written uniformly to make it look professional. Use a stencil or a good calligraphy to make the letters look appealing. The size of the letter should be big enough to fill in your favorite colors.

The next step is to stick this triangle on the grocery sack. Remember, the grocery sack should be a little bigger than the colored triangle. This gives a nice effect to the banner.

Punch holes on the sides of the triangle.

The last step is to use the ribbon. Just flip the triangle and insert the ribbon one by one to all the triangles.

Your banner is ready now. Hang it at the entrance or your living room and make your party an enjoyable one!

You can also get online templates in case you donít have time to create your own banner.