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Know the tips before you spend for any banner

Banners can actually cost a fortune if no planning is done. Your aim is attracting the customers. Thus, you should exactly know what texts, images and colors to put in so that it alerts the customers instantly.

A banner should be so attractive that it catches the eyes of the customers.

Also, the offers, phone numbers, email id and address should be stated clearly so that people can contact you.

The profitable tips

You should be aware of the size- There are three different sizes for the banner. These are the skyscraper, boxes and stripes.

Skyscrapers are those banners which has small width with a long height. Box banners are named so, because of they look like boxes, whereas the stripe banners have a short height with relatively greater width. So, choose the size wisely.

Where will you place the banner? - Banner is a part of advertising. So, you can definitely post it in various websites. Usually placing the banner at the side bars will help in better visibility. Customers get motivated to click if the ad is lucrative enough!

A woman in the picture makes it more attractive- This is actually a truth. Women are always preferred over men when it comes to advertising. Definitely a man can grab the attention, but when a women joins in it provides better results. So, if you think that introducing a woman model can help in advertising, then just give it a try.

A good logo along with great colors can surge your company to heights. Be creative in making the best logo that suits your business.

Logo should actually speak about the functions, visions and missions of your company.

Thus, if you are successful in making a good banner, you are sure to get the customers without any doubt.